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For the first time, after a long time, I visited a couple in the United Kingdom. These are often the most difficult dates, because you always notice that one of the two partners is clearly the requesting party. Or because the ‘Mrs’ would rather meet with me alone, but is not allowed by the ‘Mr’.
Her moment in United Kingdom

A man named Peter had called me two weeks ago to ask if I was available to visit his wife in a hotel room. “Of course I am” was my answer. Then I also spoke on the phone with his wife Carmen and we agreed on a specific date in March.
Her moment in United Kingdom
The couple stayed in a gigantic hotel somewhere in the United Kingdom. I went there on a late afternoon. The door opened and I greeted Peter with a sincere “Good day sir” on which he smiled from ear to ear.
Her moment in United Kingdom
When we were inside, I checked if everything was allowed. Carmen answered by fervently kissing me, and Peter winked. What followed was the best afternoon foreplay I have ever experienced. When I picked up a condom, Peter went to the other room. “Am I doing something wrong?” I asked. “On the contrary Christian, this is her moment”, he replied.
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Her moment somewhere in the United Kingdom

with love,
Christian Noir

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